Catching the Current with Kathy Kane and Joe Hoshaw

Episode 1 April 10, 2019 00:27:04
Catching the Current with Kathy Kane and Joe Hoshaw
Destination Downriver Podcast
Catching the Current with Kathy Kane and Joe Hoshaw

Apr 10 2019 | 00:27:04


Hosted By

Ronald Hinrichs

Show Notes

The first episode of the Downriver Current Podcast presented by the Trenton Trib kicks off with an interview of the founders of the Trenton Trib, Kathy Kane and Joe Hoshaw. Together they delve into the roots of the Trenton Trib, cover some of the difficulties of running a newspaper and much more. Be sure to follow the Trenton Trib on all social media sites and look for the latest edition of the paper and the new Downriver Current on a news stand near you.

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