Destination Downriver -Eps 17-Moving from Blight to Bright

Episode 17 February 22, 2023 00:33:57
Destination Downriver -Eps 17-Moving from Blight to Bright
Destination Downriver Podcast
Destination Downriver -Eps 17-Moving from Blight to Bright

Feb 22 2023 | 00:33:57


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Ronald Hinrichs

Show Notes

Host Ron Hinrichs hosts a discussion of a $1.6 million grant dedicated to the redevelopment of the Downriver Detroit River waterfront with Joe Gruber and John D'Addona. Joe Gruber who for the past 7 years was Wyandotte’s executive director of its Downtown Development Authority was added to the DCC team as Economic Development Administrators, co-managing this new program. John D'Addona is the current Brownfield Program Manager for the DCC. Prior to joining the DCC team two years ago, John was an environmental consultant for 45 years, including the past 28 years as a Brownfield Specialist.

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