Destination Downriver Ep. 10- Michigan's Southeast Golf Coast

Episode 10 July 20, 2022 00:58:17
Destination Downriver Ep. 10- Michigan's Southeast Golf Coast
Destination Downriver Podcast
Destination Downriver Ep. 10- Michigan's Southeast Golf Coast

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Ronald Hinrichs

Show Notes

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Ron Hinrichs, President and CEO of SWCRC hosts Jan Newboles - Park Support Specialist, Huron Clinton Metoparks, Jason, JP Purnell Owner of X-Golf in Woodhaven, Alec Grant assistant director of golf at Lakes of Taylor, Mike Kettler, director of golf at Riverview Highlands and Kathy Kane, Co-host with Market Insights. Special thanks for Video and Podcast Audio Produced by City Of Taylor, Scripts by Rich Williams-SMZ and presented by: Market Insights

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